Welcome to Baseball Registration for the 2021 Spring Season!!!

There are several choices. Please scroll through this long list to find the program you'd like to register for. 

  • In-house players must register for their grade in the current school year.
    • For K/1st grade - teams play on Mondays and Wednesday from 6:15-7:15 PM at OH Anderson
    • For 2nd/3rd grade - teams play on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15-7:15 PM at OH Anderson
  • Traveling players register by their age on 4/30 - note: traveling players may register up to be with their classmates, but may not register down a grade. The only exception to this rule is the player's birthday.
  • All traveling levels will register using a deposit. this includes a non-refundable try-out fee of $50 plus the cost of the in-house program for that player's grade/age level. Once the try-out has completed, and if your child is placed on a travel team, a 2nd payment for the remaining balance will be processed automatically. Anyone not making a traveling team is automatically placed on an in-house team. Traveling levels include fees for three tournaments. Additional tournaments may be added at the coach's discretion and will cost extra. This cost is paid by the player. 
  • Winter warm-ups - We are offering three Winter Warm-Up dates: February 21st, 28th, and March 14 at the Mahtomedi Middle School Gyms. These are first-come, first-served and you must register here for Winter Warm-ups in order to attend. There are individual sign-ups for each date. Sessions are grouped by grade level for safety and ability. If you plan to attend all three sessions, you will need to register for all three sessions. Please only register for the sessions your player can attend. Due to COVID restrictions, space is limited for each session. If you register and then find out you cannot make it, please let us know, so we can open the spot. The cost for each session is $5 per player - This is payable at the door, not here in the system. If your player attends all three sessions total cost is $15.

Please direct any questions to 

Kindergarten Camp 2021


  • For kindergartners in their rookie season that are new to baseball, this camp is a fun way for them to get more exposure to the game and begin developing their skills.
  • 4 evenings of skill development over a two week period and games followed by a Saturday morning game to put all of their new skills to work.
  • If your kindergartner can already catch a ball, play at the average level of a 1st grader, and is a good listener then you should consider signing them up for the 1st-grade season.  If another year of maturity would benefit your child or they are brand new to the sport then the kindergarten camp is a very fun camp to introduce them to the game.  If you don’t know what to do then reach out to Ryan Torgrude, In-house Director, at sturgispt@hotmail.com.

  • Dates are:

    July 12, 6-7 pm-practice
    July 13, 6-7 pm-practice
    July 14, 6-7 pm-practice
    July 15, 6-7 pm-practice
    July 15, 7-8 pm Scrimmage Game

    Location TBA

  • To register please select grade 0 for kids that are in kindergarten and grade -1 if they are going to be in kindergarten next fall.

Base Cost: $60.00

Opened: 01/05/2021

In Grades: Pre-K to K for 2020-21 School year