Welcome to Baseball Registration for the 2023 Spring Season!!!

There are several choices. Please scroll through this long list to find the program you'd like to register for. 

  • Traveling players register by their age after 4/30 - note: traveling players may register up to be with their classmates, but may not register down a grade. The only exception to this rule is the player's birthday.
  • All traveling levels will register using a deposit. this includes a non-refundable try-out fee of $50 plus the cost of the in-house program for that player's grade/age level. Once the try-out has completed, and if your child is placed on a travel team, a 2nd payment for the remaining balance will be processed automatically. Anyone not making a traveling team is automatically placed on an in-house team. Traveling levels include fees for three tournaments. Additional tournaments may be added at the coach's discretion and will cost extra. This cost is paid by the player. 

Please direct any questions to