Mahtomedi Youth Baseball Traveling and In House Baseball programs for Mahtomedi Minnesota


Concussion Certifications, Background Checks and Trusted Coaches


Concussion Certification:


In House:

Mahtomedi Baseball requires Head Coach and one assistant to have a concussion certification.  



Both Gopher State and MBL require any coach in a dugout for any game to have a concussion certification.   

Certifications should be printed and provided to head coaches or a team manager and available for inspection at tournaments.


Concussion Certifications can be obtained one of two ways:


  1. They can be obtained at no cost via NFHS at the following link:



  1. Concussion Certifications can also be obtained via Trusted Coaches in conjunction with other training and background checks.


Background Checks:

All new head coaches will be required to pass a background check.  We use Trusted Coaches to conduct our background checks.  First time head coaches will be provided Concussion and First Aid training from Trusted Coaches along with the Background checks



Trusted Coaches

Mahtomedi Baseball will pay for Trusted Coaches online training for any head or assistant coach who wishes to be a certified trusted coach.


Send an email to the Mahtomedi Youth Baseball President  ( ) to receive  a code  and information for how to complete the training.