Mahtomedi Youth Baseball Traveling and In House Baseball programs for Mahtomedi Minnesota


MYBI is an all volunteer organization that is run by volunteer board members and coaches.  It is supported through registration fees, donations, sponsorships, and through revenue generated at its baseball tournaments.



The MYBI was organized and incorporated with the following purposes:

  • To support and promote the development of youth baseball activities in the Mahtomedi area.
  • To be concerned with the moral and physical welfare of the children of the community and to help, along with the City of Mahtomedi and School District, to provide facilities, materials, and equipment for the children’s benefit and enjoyment.
  • To promote activities through which funds may be raised to assist in the finances of the MYBI.
  • To gain the support of persons in the community and to involve them as members of the MYBI.
  • To ensure that no child is denied participation in the MYBI on the basis of race, creed, religion, national origin, gender or the inability to pay the fees.




  • Parents are encouraged to participate as coaches.  Parents must remember that the Coaches have sole responsibility for directing the team.
  • Volunteers are needed to assist with player evaluations, the MYBI tournament and other special events. Please watch for volunteer opportunities where you might be able to help the association.
  • Good communication between parents, players and coaches is essential for a successful program.  The coach shall provide information on practice times and game schedules.
  • The coach shall schedule a meeting with parents and players before the season begins to discuss coaching philosophy, goals and procedures.
  • The coach is expected to conduct practices and games in a way that allows active and equitable participation of all players regardless of their ability. Coaches should present a positive role model for the players, stress team play and good sportsmanship.  Coaches are expected to treat players, parents, equipment and officials with proper respect.
  • Players are expected to be on time for all practices and games. Transportation to practices and games is the parent’s responsibility.  Players are to display good sportsmanship at all practices and games.  Players are expected to treat all other players, coaches, equipment and officials with proper respect.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend as many games as possible.  Your children will appreciate having you there and you will enjoy seeing their accomplishments and progress as players.  Parents are expected to treat the players, coaches, equipment and officials with the proper respect. Parents are expected to volunteer to help with team organization and activities throughout the season.
  • Players and parents shall not argue with officials.